The Man Who Invented Sex

Harold Robbins, a great storyteller, the worlds 5th best-selling author and by his own admission, 'the greatest writer in plain English.' He grabbed the attention of over 750 million readers worldwide and when I say grabbed, I mean he captivated his reader or listener from the very first sentence....they tore through his pages as though they were with with him as his fingers flew across his keyboard creating page-turning characters and a story that made them only want more.
He was an international playboy...draped with bikini-clad beauties from Beverly Hills, to the South of France, Rome and Acapulco. He was the ultimate jet-setter breaking the mold of the past. He wrote about the streets of poverty where he grew up and created 'rags to riches' stories from the bedroom to the boardroom. 
His work speaks to every generation.