Harold Robbins on writing....

An Italian film crew was interviewing Harold Robbins about how he was able to write his best-selling novels.

"Assglue" Harold answered. At that point the cameraman burst out in laughter. Harold said straight faced. "You take your chair....you get that glue, you rub your chair with it, sit your ass down, and you don't get up until you tell your story!"

Harold Robbins wrote 25 best selling novels, 750 million books sold world wide and 5th bestselling author in the world. He had a way of cutting through the process. This word of advice is a metaphor that must be a writers mantra. Assglue doesn't mean that you will finish in one day, but it can be the word that drives you to the computer, yellow pad or typewriter. 

Word of the day......Assglue!